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Skin Tightening Treatments for Cellulite
By: Melinda - - 0 Comments

Laser and ultrasound technology is incredible. It can cut through sheet metal, reduce wrinkles, measure a growing fetus, and carve a work of art from stone. But is skin tightening and getting rid of [...]

Body Wraps for Cellulite Make It Worse
By: Melinda - - 1 Comment

Body wraps and body wraps treatments are widely touted as a cellulite removal remedy. By nature this starts out on shaky footing as there is no such thing as “cellulite”. The word was made-up [...]

Cellulaze Before and After the Lies: A Review for Women
By: Liza - - 1 Comment

With so many women desperate to find a way to get rid of cellulite, there is no shortage of companies looking to profit from this issue and one of the easiest ways is to [...]

Cellulite-Burning Exercises Work Wonders on Women
By: Jenny - - 2 Comments

Before we get into the good stuff about cellulite-burning exercises, we need to start from the right place. And that is with some facts. Once we are straight on the facts the rest of [...]

6 Ways to Hide Your Cellulite in the Summer
By: Jenny - - 2 Comments

“How can I hide my cellulite in the Summer?” That is the burning question many women secretly ask themselves when spring is in the air and beach season is right around the corner. It [...]

CelluLaze? Beware Be Careful Be Smart
By: Liza - - 3 Comments

One of the newest “treatments” to hit the market for desperate women who are willing to shell out big bucks to take a “laser-stab” at their cellulite is called cellulaze. A recent article about [...]

Cellulite Before and After Photos from Nicki
By: Melinda - - 10 Comments

Genuine Cellulite Before and After Photos True and Real Before and After photos of successful cellulite reduction are extremely hard to come by. This is true for several reasons: 1 – It is rare [...]

How Do Cellulite Workouts Improve Your Skin’s Appearance?
By: Liza - - 4 Comments

Many women get lost, confused or mixed-up when trying to get rid of cellulite. Cellulite workouts don’t seem as sexy as magic potions, pills and massages to get smooth skin. But, they are the [...]

Best Cellulite Reviews
By: Jenny - - 2 Comments

One of the most frequently searched phrases typed into a web browser by women around the world who are challenged and frustrated by cellulite is “best cellulite review” or “cellulite product reviews”. Cellulite Reviews [...]

Top Cellulite Creams and Anti-Cellulite Lotions
By: Melinda - - 11 Comments

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is by no means an endorsement or recommendation of any specific cellulite cream or anti-cellulite lotion listed below. Nor is it an indication or hint that any cellulite cream of [...]